Tomar: City of Templers

Convento do Cristo

Tomar by night

Aquaducto de Pegões

Convento do Cristo

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You can park for free near the center at the Mercado of Tomar (Rua Santa Iria) or in the parking lot at the station. At the Convento do Cristo, you can park near the entrance, but it's a paid parking area.

Nice restaurants in Tomar include "Marisqueira de Tomar" (Av. Norton de Matos), "Taverna Antiqua" (Praça da República), or one of the many other restaurants in the city.

City highlights include the Convento do Cristo, the Aqueduto dos Pegoes, the Synagogue of Samuel Levy, the downtown area of Tomar, the various beautiful churches, and the quadrennial festival Festa dos Tabuleiros.

Convento de Cristo

Located just a short drive from Quinta da Cerejeira is Tomar. Tomar is famous for its impressive medieval castle and monastery, the “Convento de Cristo.” The monastery is the most remarkable monument in Tomar, combining Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance architecture. It served as the headquarters of the “Order of the Templars” and later the “Order of Christ.” Visit and explore the beautiful cloisters, the Charola chapel, and enjoy breathtaking views from the castle walls.

Aqueduto dos Pegões

A few minutes’ drive from the “Convento de Cristo,” you will find the “Aqueduto dos Pegões.” This 17th-century aqueduct is an impressive example of historical engineering and stretches nearly 6 kilometers, providing water to the city. You can walk along the aqueduct and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside.

Synagogue of Samuel Levy

In the city center of Tomar, near the Convent, you’ll discover the Synagogue of Tomar, also known as the “Synagogue of Samuel Levy.” This 15th-century building is a beautiful example of Jewish architecture from that period and a tangible reminder of the once-thriving Jewish community in Portugal. The building is constructed in Gothic style, and the interior is impressive, featuring a distinctive wooden ceiling. The building is open to the public and well worth a visit.

Festivals en evenementen

In addition to its beautiful city center, Tomar regularly hosts festivals and events, making it a lively destination. The city has a vibrant events calendar, with a highlight being the traditional quadrennial festival (2027, 2031) “Festa dos Tabuleiros,” known for its colorful processions and towering headdresses.

In summary, Tomar is a magnificent destination that will captivate history enthusiasts, culture lovers, and nature enthusiasts. With its unique blend of heritage, architecture, and natural beauty, Tomar promises a wonderful experience for every traveler.