Toll in Portugal

Paying toll Portugal

Toll badge

The toll badge is the easiest way to pay tolls in Portugal. The toll badge can be used on all toll roads in Portugal, as well as in other European countries. This is convenient if you are taking a tour through Europe. It is a small white device that you stick to your windshield, allowing you to drive through all toll booths without stopping, and the toll is automatically registered.

The toll badge can be purchased online.


Another method is Easytoll. With this system, you register your license plate and credit card upon entering Portugal. Toll charges are then automatically deducted through toll booths with cameras.

It is important that you follow the signs when entering Portugal: “Foreigners report here.” Here, you register your license plate and credit card.


On, you can easily purchase a prepaid card, ranging from 5 to 100 euros.

The website states: “Toll cards purchased directly from the website are already active. No further action is required. After purchase, the customer can use them immediately.”

The toll card can also be bought at a CTT point, in which case activation is required.